Monday, October 19, 2009

Where has the time gone!

I have been very busy with a sick little Josh. He still has days where his stomach hurts and has a extreme lack of energy so for any of you that know my kids know that they never stop running, jumping, climbing etc... They did test him for Celiac and the test results came back inconclusive so he will be seeing a Gastroenterologist on 10/27 to have a look at him and most likely they will schedule a small bowel biopsy not fun but necessary.

I have now reached 23 weeks in my pregnancy AKA 6 months! Baby Girl is growing very well! I am hoping these last months will go by fast. So far things have been great not quite as well as being pregnant with Mindy and gratefully nothing like Josh (he was a horrible pregnancy) Other than some common aches pains and headaches I feel well. I am starting to slow down and get tired a lot easier than I did a month ago but that is normal too.

There has been a few times that I have fallen asleep and Mindy and Josh didn't want to wake me so Mindy took care of Josh. She did a great job they read books and had a messy snack but that was OK she was very proud of herself!

Mindy is getting to be a very grown up and will be a big help when I have the baby!