Thursday, January 15, 2009


Playing quietly doesn't always mean you are being good!
Yes! It was a Sharpie.
No! It didn't come off.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Look How They've Grown!

Josh 12/07

Mindy 12/07

Josh 2nd Birthday 02/07

Josh and Mindy 03/2007

Mindy's 5th Birthday 04/07
Josh 05/07

Mindy 6/07

Josh and Mindy at Lagoon 7/07

Josh and Mindy at Bear Lake 08/07

Mindy 1st day of school 9/07

Josh and Mindy at Frightmare's at Lagoon 10/07

Josh and Mindy 11/07

Mindy 12/07
It is so amazing to watch your children grow!
Mindy did the most growing this year in weight and height!
And my Josh is starting to look like a big boy and has lost his
chubby baby face.
It will be exciting to see what 2009 brings!

Be Prepared!!

We have heard time and time again "Be Prepared". Make sure you have an emergency plan! For example if you were ever evacuated from your home. Well, Brian and I have never really talked about what would happen or made a plan so we did not have an evacuation plan this past Friday night when we were evacuated.

Brian had told me that he was working late, and I told Mindy that she could play at her friends house until 6:00 pm. I gave Josh a bath put clean diaper on him and he quickly ran down the stairs (in his diaper) and I gathered up some dirty clothes including the ones I was wearing I knew that I wasn't going anywhere so I slipped on a night gown. Turned the lights off and went downstairs and put the jeans in the wash. When I came upstairs I noticed it was almost 7:00 pm and Mindy was not home so I put on my big knee length parka and my snow boots and start walking towards where Mindy was playing when I was met by a police officer that asked politely if I could get my children and leave my house as quietly and as quickly as possible. Because of where my house was to the incident he advised me to not go upstairs for anything just get my kids and go.

I told him that my daughter was at a friends house and he said that they were in the process of evacuating the house that she was at and would hold Mindy just beyond the check point.

I ran in the house wrapped Josh in a blanket, grabbed his coat, his meds that were luckily on the kitchen table!! and my wallet. That was it, no contacts, no glasses, NO PANTS!

I picked Mindy up from the check point and started off to I decided my parents house when, I identified an odor coming from the back seat. Josh had done his business while I went to get his sister. So we stopped at Wal-Mart to get me some pants, Josh diapers, wipes and clothes because he was naked.

I must have looked the part of a domestic abuse victim. Because a Wal-Mart manager and a security employee approached me and asked if I needed help I explained the situation to them and after more of my half dressed neighbors came to get clothing and other supplies. My story checked out.

The stand off lasted 3 hours from start to finish and we were home by 9:30 pm. The only thing we were told was that. The Police went to serve an arrest warrant and the guy resisted arrest and was held up in his house with a gun. They were able to calm him down and he did go without a problem. No guns were fired but we did see a lot of guns (big guns). They were able to handle the situation quietly and without many people knowing what was happening. all of the vehicles were unmarked and they were all detectives in street clothes.

If you were to come upon the scene the cars blocking the road told cars coming into the area it was a gas leak and that they needed to leave the area.

Believe it or not this happens may times a day in every type of neighborhood lower, middle, upper etc... You don't see it on the news unless it is a famous person, lasts longer than 5 hours or SWAT is called in.

The moral of this story is always wear pants!!

No seriously learn from my mistake have an evacuation plan!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Little Behind!

I am a little behind, but for good reason. I have been very busy! We would like to start finishing our basement and that means that we have to throw out all the stuff we don't want anymore. It is amazing the things that you can collect in 10 years time. Still does not even dust the top of what we found when my parents moved.

Christmas was great the kids had fun. I will post pictures another day.

We shared New Year's Eve early evening with Brian's parent's and brother Steve and his wife Krissy. Josh had a fun time playing with baby Nate. We rang in the New Year with old friends. Thanks Greg for letting us use your house! We have the next one!

May Everyone Have a Happy New Year!!